About us


Our young and dynamic company is driving digitization forward. We use our software to speed up all personnel processes and make administrative activities more transparent. We want to actively shape and improve the future of personnel planning.

The team behind Tempest

Our team breaks old traditions and our company is growing and achieving tremendously. We are the change we strive for and our goal is to improve continuously our product and ourselves. Our customers are very important to us, therefore their success determines ours – and vice versa. A promising symbiosis.

The background

The mechanisms underlying temporary work model is inherently confusing and difficult to organise. The time required for shift planning is a long time, considering the inevitable changes that occur every day. Conventional methods often lead to chaos and high expenditure of time. Tempest takes advantage of the latest technologies and social trends to optimize this process. Our app makes communication between staff and companies easier and faster. Within the company, shifts or open positions can be created on the web portal and sent directly to selected personnel. The software is developed internally by a dedicated and passionate team with many years of experience in the field of temporary employment.

The software development takes place in the up-to-date rising IT Hot-spot of Europe. Our software combines Swiss entrepreneurship with Serbian IT professionals.

Friedrich Fürstenberg
Managing Partner

Friedrich’s role within Tempest apart from being managing director is to push sales in the DACH region. Friedrich has previously worked in a variety of fields ranging from real estate, micro finance platforms and software. Over the last year, he has been primarily involved in medical software. After creating Caresome- a software that moves patients from hospitals into further care facilities - he joined the founding team of Tempest.

Georg Schmertzing
Managing Partner

Georg joined Tempest as a managing partner and is responsible for Finance as well as Sales in the DACH region. Having studied economics and business administration in Vienna, Georg worked in Investment Banking for Standard Bank in London. Following this, he moved back to Vienna to start his own real estate and retail business, being primarily responsible for the Sales and Finance departments.