Enabling better personnel management

We help staffing agencies, personnel planners and HR professionals to organize temporary work better and more efficiently. Tempest, our staff management software makes personnel and administrative processes faster and more transparent, saving our clients time and improving their day-to-day tasks.

By continually improving our software and customizing it to our clients needs, we want to drive digitalization forward and change the future of personnel management.

The team behind Tempest

We are an ambitious and dynamic company, with our software development team situated in one of Europe’s fastest emerging tech hubs, the city of Belgrade, Serbia. Our software combines Swiss entrepreneurship with Serbian IT professionals.

Friedrich Fürstenberg
Managing Partner

Friedrich’s role within Tempest apart from being managing director is to push sales in the DACH region. Friedrich has previously worked in a variety of fields ranging from real estate, micro finance platforms and software. Over the last year, he has been primarily involved in medical software. After creating Caresome- a software that moves patients from hospitals into further care facilities - he joined the founding team of Tempest.

Georg Schmertzing
Managing Partner

Georg joined Tempest as a managing partner and is responsible for Finance as well as Sales in the DACH region. Having studied economics and business administration in Vienna, Georg worked in Investment Banking for Standard Bank in London. Following this, he moved back to Vienna to start his own real estate and retail business, being primarily responsible for the Sales and Finance departments.