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Tempest is an HR software, created to help organisations with their daily work flow. Tempest and its bleeding edge features can be integrated into various industries and can be implemented into companies with one to a thousand employees.

Complex job structures can be created and assigned, shifts can be created and sent directly to employees on their smartphones who can choose to accept them. Shifts can also be swapped directly between workers.

Documents and compliance can be assigned and uploaded to the platform for approval. All parties will also be reminded when the documentations are about to expire.

Rotas can be created and assigned in seconds.

Easily find out where all your employees are when they are meant to start working with the location management tool. Non-intrusive and developed with expert legal help.

Tempest allows a top-level view of all the sick days and holidays that have been booked by your workforce.

Vast and complex sets of shifts can be made and sent with just a few clicks. Specific users can be targeted with shifts, or the work can be opened up to everyone who is compliant and available.

Employees can now give away and swap shifts independently, meaning you will never be left without someone on the job

With Tempest you can access key information in seconds. Your employees’ hours, popular working practices, financial information and much more is presented in a structured graphical interface on the dashboard that is customizable to your needs.

With Tempest you will increase efficiency, save costs and reduce manual repetitive tasks.

Transform your organization with Tempest and it’s various features!

You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

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