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Reasons Staffing Agencies Fail (And How to Prevent Them)

We’ve talked much about the keys to success in the staffing industry. They’re varied and manifold, but ultimately attainable to anyone who puts in the time and effort. In other words, they’re something that can easily identified and worked for.

Tempest Team 25. May 2020

Could a Paradigm Shift be Coming to the Staffing Industry?

An array of sectors and industries the world over has been undergoing seismic paradigm shifts in the last five years. We no longer “hail cabs”, instead we “ride-share” with apps like Uber and Lyft. “Booking a hotel” is quickly becoming an artefact of ancient history as we opt to sublet other’s unused living spaces with services like “Airbnb”

Tempest Team 13. May 2020

Tempest Tips - Ways to Improve Your Staffing Firm

Sure, the old adage “you’ve got to spend money in order to make money” might be a cliche. But for good reason – sayings only become cliche if they’ve been consistently true for an exceptionally long period of time. And this cliche couldn’t be any truer for the staffing industry.

Tempest Team 05. May 2020

Four things that seem like a good sign for your staffing firm but aren’t

Five things that might actually seem like positive at your staffing firm but are actually indicators of problems and missteps, that must be rectified.

Tempest Team 27. Apr 2020

Maintaining the best brand image for your staffing agency

Reputation and image management are of high importance to any business. No longer can we afford to let our names and images be tarnished or slandered in even the slightest. With the internet making such sleights easily accessible and virtually permanent.

Tempest Team 23. Apr 2020

Are You a Staffing Amateur or a Staffing Pro?

There is a pretty thin line between a staffing amateur and a staffing pro. However, it actually has very little to do with the amount of time spent in the industry. Rather, it is determined by your approach.

Tempest Team 13. Apr 2020

Retaining talent during these turbulent times

Talent retention should be one of the top priorities; however, this is easier said than done. The need for temporary workers is rising due to the outbreak of Covid-19, meaning that the workers have an upper hand. Demand is exceeding supply.

Tempest Team 08. Apr 2020

How Tempest can help temporary staffing agencies during Covid-19

A number of companies have decided to protect the wellbeing of their employees and continue to work, remotely from home; hence, the demand for temporary workers is not really decreasing. As a matter of fact, it is rising.

Tempest Team 02. Apr 2020

Keeping up during this difficult time

The Covid-19 went from an outbreak to a full-on global pandemic. Employment rates are expected to fall drastically compared to 2019. A number of companies are considering on putting their hiring process on stand-by until things go back to normal, although others continue to recruit.

Tempest Team 30. Mar 2020

We are committed to you during this difficult time

Unfortunately, the whole world is currently at a very difficult time due to the outbreak of Covid-19, we wanted to reach out and express our concern and support to you, your loved ones and your businesses. It is our duty to be there for you during the good and the bad.

Tempest Team 25. Mar 2020

Does your staffing agency rise above the rest?

The polls consistently tell us the same thing: The number one challenge facing staffing agencies across the World today is increased competition. As economies across the World continue to grow and add new jobs, this, in simplest terms, means more people fighting for a finite talent pool.

Tempest Team 20. Mar 2020

Importance of analytics: How Tempest can improve your temporary staffing agency

Working with people has many challenges, even if we share some common traits or interests; therefore, the ability to work with a diverse pool of people is one of the most important preconditions for successful leadership. People can be unpredictable and difficult to manage and this can be very overwhelming for managers.

Tempest Team 18. Mar 2020

It’s a Jungle Out There: What Causes a Staffing Agency to Fail

With much of the market switching from full-time, permanent contracts to contingent, temporary labour, it is a good time to be in the staffing industry. However, it is good only if you’re able to keep pace with an ever-changing market and provide exceptional service.

Tempest Team 13. Mar 2020

Making your hiring process more palatable

It happens more often than we’d care to admit – scaring off perfectly qualified talent with a daunting, cumbersome and/or mechanical hiring process.

Tempest Team 10. Mar 2020

It Takes a Team: How to Build Camaraderie in the Staffing Office

As we get buried in our day to day activities – sourcing talent, scheduling, interviewing and advertising – it can become easy to lose sight of a simple truism in the staffing industry:

Tempest Team 05. Mar 2020

Professions staffing firms need to keep an eye on

The economic landscape is rapidly changing. With entirely new industries and professions seemingly sprouting and blooming overnight and other sectors that were once overlooked suddenly are coming into prominence.

Tempest Team 04. Mar 2020

A Glimpse at What Staffing May Look Like in 2030

The staffing and recruitment industry is not immune to technological evolution. Perhaps now, more than ever, we’re feeling its effects.

Tempest Team 28. Feb 2020

How apps are restructuring the workforce and employment

The app revolution in employment and working has started. 2020 is bound to witness the advent of more apps, sure to revolutionize the way we hire, work and live.

Tempest Team 26. Feb 2020

How to snag the best candidates

We all like to think we know the best tactics for recruiting the best candidates. And it is probably true -- we all do know them. Therein lies the core of the problem. If everyone is using the same, “best” tactics, then the playing field has been completely leveled.

Tempest Team 20. Feb 2020

Staff scheduling in retail

It is very important for managers to be organized and know exactly what is going on, especially if employing workers across different locations. A single glitch can result in an avalanche

Tempest Team 18. Feb 2020

Key features of staff management software to temps

We are all aware that employers and agency owners widely benefit from a staff management software. But what about temp's? What do they think?

Tempest Team 13. Feb 2020

Staff Rota app makes shift planning a snap!

With an adequate staff rota app managers can improve their workflows and decrease manual repetitive tasks.

Tempest Team 11. Feb 2020

What Is Holding your temporary Staffing Company Back?

Do you ever just get that feeling that your staffing firm has not reached its full potential? That perhaps, yeah, it’s doing alright – quotas are being met and salaries are being paid – but that if just a few adjustments were made, it could be doing a whole lot better?

Tempest Team 06. Feb 2020

How a scheduling app can help-out in managing a hotel

Managing a hotel and its staff is no easy task. Find out how a scheduling app can help managers to successfully organise a hotel.

Tempest Team 04. Feb 2020

Why having a staff management software is a must

Are you one of those managers who has a pile of resumes waiting on their desk in the morning? Do you turn on your computer and open up an excel spreadsheet? Are you constantly on the phone, informing candidates about their schedules and shifts? They probably then kindly ask you to text them the work location or e-mail them a reminder. It does not have to be this way.

Tempest Team 30. Jan 2020

How Tempest can help out in the construction industry

Lately, the construction industry is based on project based work, especially for construction workers. Construction workers are often placed on multiple projects at once.

Tempest Team 28. Jan 2020

What Clients Value Most in Staffing Agencies

Candidate recruitment and retention is only half the story when it comes to temporary staffing agencies. However, we often spend so much time and energy focusing on this half, we begin to believe it’s all our job entails.

Tempest Team 14. Jan 2020

Ways to Make your Temporary Workers Feel Valued

A common complaint among temporary workers regards their feelings about being merely another face in a revolving door of other faces. Others might feel they’re inherently disposable and easily replaceable due to the nature of temporary work.

Tempest Team 18. Dec 2019

The Importance of Having a Mobile App

Nowadays having a mobile phone has become a standard; not a luxury or commodity. Everything that needs to be done online, can be done through an app.

Tempest Team 05. Dec 2019

Job Scheduling with Realday

For a number of managers working in staffing agencies, job scheduling is a task that can make their stomach turn. Whether done manually or electronically,

Tempest Team 27. Nov 2019

What Millennials are Looking for in Temporary Staffing Agencies

Young people make up the lion’s share of temporary workers. And it’s only going to continue rising until a vast majority of our workforce are Millennials.

Tempest Team 21. Nov 2019

Improve the Performance of Your Temporary Staffing Agency

We should always be looking for ways to keep our temporary staffing agencies a cut above the rest.

Tempest Team 05. Nov 2019

Five Traits of Highly Effective Temporary Staffing Agencies

Take a look at the top performing firms in any industry. At first glance, sure, they all might seem wildly different and unique. Can anything really be learned from such a varied, incoherent set of data?

Tempest Team 24. Oct 2019

Some Red Flags Staffing Agencies Might Endure

Just like humans begin to display early symptoms before coming down with a major illness, our staffing agencies too exhibit some hallmark red flags before major struggles and defeats happen.

Tempest Team 14. Oct 2019

A Tale of Two Temporary Staffing Agencies

2020 is destined to be a year of natural selection within the temporary staffing and recruitment industry. Some will thrive, while others will fall behind.

Tempest team 02. Oct 2019

How to Make a good Rota

Employers should not have to go through too much trouble when creating a staff rota. Find out how you can make rota creation a swift and intuitive process.

Tempest team 21. Aug 2019

Myths Surrounding the Temporary Staffing Industry That We Would Like To Clear Up

As is the case with most high profile industries, an array of myths and misconceptions surround the temporary staffing industry.

Tempest Team 25. Sep 2019

4 benefits of medical staff scheduling software

Healthcare requires an aptitude for keeping up with fast-paced responsibility. So, how do you effectively schedule a multitude of healthcare employees across different locations?

Tempest team 14. Aug 2019

All about shift planning and more effective staff management

Find out how digitalization is changing the very definition of shift planning. Staffing software is automating shift scheduling and shift swapping – learn about the industries that use it.

Tempest Team 05. Feb 2020

Staff Management can be a piece of cake

Temporary workers are becoming increasingly important in today’s business world, as a growing number of companies, big or small, choose to hire temporary workers rather than permanent ones.

Tempest Team 17. Jul 2019

Scheduling Software for temporary workers

Are you familiar with the fact that companies have been struggling with properly organizing their employees and their workflow for a while now?

Tempest Team 04. Jul 2019

Thinking About Opening a Staffing Firm?

You’re going to need to have a resolve made of steel, a backbone made of iron and nerve made of stone. And on top of that, you’re going to need to consider (quite) a few things if you want to be successful and come out on top. Every day, the market is getting more and more crowded

Tempest Team 20. Feb 2019

Work Smarter, not Harder: Hacks for the Staffing Specialist

As recruitment and staffing specialists, we have a million digital tools at our disposal to make our lives easier and our work more efficient We need to rid ourselves of the antiquated notion that hard work is noble. It simply isn’t. And even if it were, so what? Nobility doesn’t enhance the impact of our efforts.

Tempest Team 18. Dec 2018

The Top 5 Qualities Candidates Look for in a Staffing Agency

In order to hire the right person for the job, we must identify the most important qualities candidates should have. Then during the application and interview process, we can determine whether our candidates possess them.

Tempest Team 04. Dec 2018

The Rules are changing: Rethinking Temp Staffing for Creative

Staffing agencies have typically been tasked with procuring talent for more traditional industries, such as labour and health care. As expected, the result is that we are generally more comfortable with traditional hiring practices.

Tempest Team 26. Nov 2018

A Storm is Brewing

Standing at the end of Brighton Pier, James looks out across the English Channel. The water is choppier than unusual The waves swell up and break. Above them dark clouds gather.

Tempest team 07. Nov 2018