Importance of analytics: How Tempest can improve your temporary staffing agency

18. Mar 2020 Tempest Team

Importance of analytics: How Tempest can improve your temporary staffing agency

Working with people has many challenges, even if we share some common traits or interests; therefore, the ability to work with a diverse pool of people is one of the most important preconditions for successful leadership. People can be unpredictable and difficult to manage and this can be very overwhelming for managers.  

But what if things could be easier?

What if all the challenges due to misunderstandings can be avoided with the help of technology and well-developed staff managing and HR software. For a number of big agencies, with thousands of workers, this is not an issue, as technology helps automate many processes, which is a huge part of their success

When managing a big group of workers, proper management is the vital key player; otherwise, managers would be stuck with unorganized data from their workers. However, having an overview of workers’ shifts that do not align can really help managers pin out pain points. Workers missing shifts or arriving late to shifts cause shifts that do not align.

 Data provides transparency so that you know exactly what to look into.

With Tempest, you can easily generate reports and measure data in order to improve your business.

Reporting - Tempest app

Let us take a look at how Tempest helps you measure reporting data.  

Hours worked by candidates

With Tempest, you can generate all the hours worked by candidates in a specific time frame, you can also filter out candidates by specific job titles. This way, in only a couple of minutes, you will know exactly the number of hours worked by your candidates.

Candidate inactivity

Overview of all the days a candidate has been ill or on holiday. Know exactly how long a candidate has not been working.

Candidate activity

Overview of all days a candidate has been active on specific jobs, and the exact days that they were working on.

Candidate work log

You have the option to have an overview of all candidate work history.

Generate reports by clicking on the report that you would like to create, selecting a date range, and then any other specific filters. You can then either download the report or view it on screen.

Use Tempest to improve how you work. Customize reports to get the data you need in order to optimize your business.

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