The Importance of Having a Mobile App

05. Dec 2019 Tempest Team

The Importance of Having a Mobile App

Nowadays, having a mobile phone is standard; it is not a luxury or commodity anymore. Therefore, everything that can be done online, is done remotely, with the help of a mobile phone. App usage rose extensively in the last decade – anything and everything can be done through apps; money transferring, ordering food, cabs, etc.

Managers working in temporary agencies are very aware that managing shifts and temporary workers is a challenge. The team behind Tempest decided to help out managers, therefore they carefully created the Tempest mobile app. The Tempest app has an attractive user interface that allows users to swiftly move through the app with ease.

With the help of Tempest’s mobile app, users can easily receive shifts, accept or reject jobs and swap shifts. Requesting holidays or sick days is done in seconds and uploading files and documents is done instantly. These are just some of the functionalities that the Tempest app can help with. Read here a detailed Tempest App mobile overview, and find out how your problems can be solved!

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