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Construction Industry

Large fluctuation of employees characterize the construction industry.  Seasonal work as well as project based work probably characterizes this industry the strongest. A construction scheduling software would be of great help in the construction industry. We are proud to say that Tempest can be just that, a construction scheduling software that helps you organize the workers for various projects, to cover the staffing needs in all areas and to organize the temporary workers on the construction site. With our software, compensation of order fluctuations or short-term inquiries is  perfectly organised. Tempest  can handle different construction sites and combine your necessary staff according to your local needs. Our document and attribute option, you can also define different requirements and qualifications for the job and thus filter the right personnel in the shortest possible time. Avoid expensive staff overhangs and unwanted mistakes.


Tempest app dashboard


The dashboard gives you an overview of your entire workforce. Simple graphics present attendances and shift assignments. With the help of the digital personnel file, you will no longer have irritating folders and stacks of paper all over your office.

Regarding the employees, all the necessary information  is saved in the personnel file . The employees can upload all the necessary documentation directly onto the manager portal. The documents are checked and automatically filed.

Shifts or workplaces are created in seconds and can be sent to potential employees who have previously been filtered out according to suitability, and your shift can be occupied in the shortest possible time. Processed shifts are automatically calculated in the system. Special tariffs can be defined beforehand and are then taken into account during allocation. The implementation of the software takes just a few hours and is compatible with existing systems.