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Hotel Industry

Tempest can be used as a hotel scheduling software, it will help you create rosters for the hotel. Whether it’s a small Inn or a hotel chain, you can save time and effort by using the app to organize your staff and their shifts. With Tempest’s shift allocation feature, your guests are always looked after . Scheduling during holidays and weekends is now easy.

With Tempest time recording, you have an overview of all functions;

  • In case someone comes to work early or late
  • Shift planning
  • Recording absence days, and vacation requests.

In addition to the organisation of employee deployment, Tempest also offers you a digital employee file in which you can store all personnel data in one place. Tempest even handles payroll for you and can be easily implemented into existing systems. The program takes over all time-consuming and administrative tasks for you, which means enormous cost and time saving. Thanks to our software, positions or shifts that have to be filled at short notice, are no longer a problem.

All changes in the duty schedule are automatically forwarded to the manager portal and recorded.  Each employee’s shifts, vacation days and other days of absence are automatically recorded in the digital personnel file. The software can be expanded at any time and can also be used across branches. Central management allows employees and shifts from other hotel branches to be combined.

With the app you can organize shifts and duty schedules in every area of your hotel. Thanks to the link between the portal and the app, you can keep track of processed shifts and shift assignments.  Whether stressful trade fairs, various events or just a normal day – you can organise different work areas and staff with very little effort.