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Medical Industry

Tempest is a personnel software that efficiently supports your agency in its daily activities.

Tempest makes the placement of medical staff as easy as it could get, as our app facilitates and accelerates shift allocation. This results in avoiding unoccupied shifts. In addition, the time required for shift planning is greatly reduced. You even have the option for your clients (hospitals, nursing homes, etc…) to create shifts or send shifts to their own employees.  However, you retain control over the selection of candidates and much more.

Thanks to our numerous filter options and settings, the search for suitable candidates is easier than ever before. Whether you are looking for doctors, nurses, nursing staff – select the right candidates for the shift or position with our app in minutes.

Necessary documents or licenses can be used as variables to limit the potential candidates. By linking the different variables and attributes, only the most suitable candidates are listed for you.

Sick leaves or leave requests can be requested by your employees in the interactive calendar, and are automatically entered into the system upon confirmation.

Tempest handles all the time-consuming and administrative tasks for you, saving you time and money.

You don’t have to worry about positions or shifts that need to be filled at short notice, since with Tempest it can be done in minutes.

All changes in the duty schedule are automatically forwarded to the manager portal and recorded.  Each employee’s shifts, vacation days and other days of absence are automatically recorded in the digital personnel file. The software can be expanded at any time and can also be used across branches. Central management allows employees and shifts from other branches to be combined.

Centralized candidate management allows you to keep an eye on all relevant data and documents. Long and stressful searches are history- you can find all your important documentation at the click of a mouse.