Public Sector

Temporary work is no longer a taboo in the public sector. Temporary employment agencies can compensate shortages of staff in public institutions, such as municipal kindergartens. More and more skilled workers with the necessary qualifications find their way into the public service through temporary employment agencies. This is an attractive alternative for bridging holdups quickly and without bureaucratic effort.

Tempest’s scheduling allows you to plan the deployment of your workforce even more efficiently. All the coordinators and the management know at all times who is on duty when and where. With the help of our software, you can avoid expensive over staffing and unwanted mistakes. You can recognize unoccupied shifts or services immediately and react instantly. A further advantage of Tempest is that you can create and store the qualifications of your employees in the system.┬áTempest will help you to filter out suitable employees. If certain qualifications have to be taken into account for a shift, taking into account rest and holiday periods.

In the manager’s portal, all schedule changes are automatically routed and recorded.┬áIn the digital personnel file, employee’s processed shifts, vacation days and other days of absence are automatically recorded.

Using the dashboard, you can quickly and easily view a large number of overviews and statistics. Here you can also see who is present and who is absent and for what reason.