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Retail Industry

Give your employees a special offer and make their work flow easier. Behind the special offers, the colourful variety of beautiful clothing, there is often permanent stress, complex personnel planning and chaotic shift allocation of employees. In order for the customer to receive  products and to be able, to enjoy a selection of filled up shelves and racks, the manager has to plan a hectic logistics plan. This is costly and time consuming.

Through the Employee App, linked to the Manager Portal and Tempest software, employees can organize scheduling and shift planning with just a few steps. All occupied shifts and shift movements are automatically transferred to the system, so managers always have an overview of the shift distribution.

Tempest also takes care of holiday planning, sickness notifications and substitutions for you. You can actively involve your employees in the planning process by sending them the free shifts via the app. Employees can then apply for free shifts independently, or even by exchanging shifts with other employees. The app also regulates the availability and absences of your employees. Sick leaves or vacation requests are requested by your employees in the interactive calendar and automatically entered into the system upon confirmation.

All changes to the roster are automatically routed to the manager portal and recorded.¬† Each employee’s shift, vacation days and other days of absence are automatically recorded in the digital personnel file. The software can be expanded at any time and can also be used across branches. Central management allows employees and shifts from other branches to be combined. Your employees receive a fair roster and you save a lot of time and effort in the organization.