Main Features of Tempest


Documents and Compliance

Managing your workers' compliance has never been easier. Allow documents, certificates and permissions to be uploaded to the platform, be approved or rejected, and automatically remind all parties when they're about to expire.

Connect documents with certain jobs to prevent unqualified personnel from working in unsuitable positions.


Location Management

Easily find out where all your workers are when they are meant to start working with the location management tool. Non-intrusive and developed with expert legal help, the location management allows a clear vision of who was where and when.

Full remote management of your organisation is now a realistic possibility.


Shift Swapping

Candidates can now give away and swap shifts independently, meaning you'll never be left without someone on the job.

Shifts can be given away or exchanged, and you have the choice whether to approve the swap or not.



Access key information in seconds. Your employees' hours, popular working practices, financial information and much more is presented in a beautiful graphical interface on the dashboard.

Customise and save views depending on your preferences - it's an instant overview of your organisation.


Shift Management

Create shifts and shift requests in seconds with Tempest. Once you have created a shift, you will receive a list of all suitable workers for the job. You can either send the shift to all filtered people, or only to specific workers from this list.

As soon as the shift is created, it is sent to all selected workers who in turn receive a notification to their mobile app with a shift request.The worker who accepts the shift first is assigned and the shift is automatically booked in their calendar. This shift can then be exchanged or passed on at any time granting huge flexibility to work patterns.


Intelligent Digital Personnel File

All the employee information at one click! The digital personnel file contains all the essential information of your employees and candidates. The master data can be changed or adapted at any time. Thus, you save administrative tasks and paperwork.

Data such as processed shifts, attributes, absences or missing documents are updated and entered automatically. The information is always up-to-date and available.



Vacation and absence management application made easy! Employees can submit their vacation requests and sick leaves with a single click using an app. Which then need to be approved by the administrator.

A user-friendly interface gives the administrator an overview of the absences of his staff. The candidate has all his absences - whether vacation or sick leave - clearly arranged.


Rate calculator

You can use the rate calculator to define various rates that are dependent on qualification, location, time or work in advance.

This tool makes it easier for you to bill and calculate the most varied salaries using predefined remuneration rates.



You can use the definition of attributes to improve the filtering of candidates. Reduce the number of candidate proposals to exactly those candidates that belong to the shift assignment or to the job offered.

If special skills are required for a job, if it is a special location or a special candidate, you can create these individual variables and characteristics here and assign them to specific candidates. Predefined attributes help you to determine exactly which candidates are suitable and available.